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God of War Ascension, Spoiler Alert!

God of War Ascension, Spoiler Alert!

God of War Ascension Final Boss

**Warning to all this is a Spoiler to those of you who haven’t beatĀ God of War Ascension!**

If you haven’t given God of War Ascension a second thought! What are you thinking? You need to get this game now! If you’re a God of War fan then this game will take you for a spin. Based on a time where Kratos had no Idea what really happened to his family and he’s fighting for the Truth. As you may already know the Truth he seeks is very bitter and doesn’t really help him much. Although the Journey he took to get it, is nothing less than what you would expect from Kratos.

Watch as we reveal the Final Moments of Kratos’ Path to the Truth, in God of War Ascension!

God Of War: Ascension – Final Boss + Ending


God of War Ascension

God of War Ascension

When do they release God of War Ascension?

God of War Ascension is scheduled to release 03/12/2013.

The Super Bowl trailer certainly was interesting and the multiplayer beta was great although it was a bit glitchy for me but that’s to be expected(it is a beta after all). Look for yourselves and tell us what you think of the God of War Ascension multiplayer gameplay.

As an added bonus we’re featuring a new CTF game mode.

SuperBowl TrailerĀ 
Multiplayer Beta
Multiplayer CTF