About Us

         My name is Tito Ortiz (no i’m not the MMA fighter). Tito is my Nick name and i’m a hardcore gamer. Along with my High School friend G. Otero we decided to share our acquired gaming knowledge over the years. We figured it would nice to have a place where all your gaming needs would be fulfilled. We’re talking news, strategies, tips and tricks, reviews, and of course tutorials. Our main goal is to be user friendly and to do this we feel we need the insight of our followers. We’re building this Machine and you are our engineers!

GameVuze is not just about our ideas it’s about a community of gamers who are as passionate as we are and want a place they can call their own. A place where we can have all our gaming Info/cheats/etc. all under one roof. The sky’s the limits to what we can accomplish together. We ask that you voice all ideas to admin@gamevuze.com. No idea is too radical or too simple they will all be taken into serious consideration. We hope to work with all of you to create the ultimate gamer experience!


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