How to Attack a Man O War without upgrades

Attacking Man O War without Upgrades

Check out this video to see How to Attack a Man O War without upgrades and take no damage:


Capturing a Man O war / Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag (The Right Way)

Capturing a Man O war / Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

AC4 Ships

If you’ve Played Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag, you know defeating a Man O War is no small Feat. In comparison to a Man O War, the Jackdaw(Edward Kenway’s Ship) is a Brig (Which is less than a third of the size). You can use the Picture Labeled AC4 Ships to get a better Idea. There’s definitely a noticeable difference, wouldn’t you say? Let’s get into Specs, Man O Wars have 50 to 100 canons and the Jackdaw in it’s original form has 8. Man O Wars have a barrage of Mortar power shooting up to 4 target areas at a time, Jackdaw has none. the Man O War has a reinforced hull, obviously the Jackdaw is also left behind. Where am  headed with this you ask? I’ll tell and listen close, Do not and i repeat DO NOT attack the Man O War without upgrades. This is how you Capture a Man O War the right way.(To find out How to Attack a Man O War without upgrades visit this Link)

In order to Capture the Man O War you’ll need these 7 essential upgrades. For starters you’ll need a Mortar: one of the most important upgrades is the mortar because it can be shot from a distance and keep you away from the Man O War’s broadside cannons(50 to 100 Cannons). Second on the list is to upgrade your Hull: although you should avoid Damage at all costs, fighting the Man O War and not receiving Damage is Impossible, a stronger Hull will keep you alive during those moments you just can’t maneuver away from the line of fire. Number three on the list is to upgrade your broadside cannons: pretty self explanatory, you need fire power to take this behemoth down, more cannons more firepower. Fourth and Fifth you’ll need to upgrade the Heavy Shot and Round Shot: Heavy Shot and Round Shot will Increase the Damage dealt by your Cannons. Sixth, Upgrade your Swivel guns: the more firepower you have the quicker you take this beast down! Although you may think this is enough to take on a Man O War incapacitating the Ship is only half the battle. Seventh and final on the list is upgrading your Crews quarters: The more crew you have the easier it’ll be to fight off the enemy. Don’t forge to upgrade Edward Kenway’s weapons, pouches, and Holster every chance you get.(To make it easier you may want an 8th upgrade which will be mortar storage increasing the amount of mortar shots you can take)

Swivel Gun in Action

Now that you’ve upgraded your ship you’re almost ready to take on a Man O War. To ensure your defeat this Titan among ships you must be fully Stocked in the following categories: Crew, Ammunition, and Health. Never go up against a Man O War at half Ship health or while they’re surrounded by allies. Make sure the Man O War is at a low Level below 40 is ideal. Obviously strategy and being able to handle the ship has allot to do with your actual outcome. I would like you to pay Close ATTENTION to what I’m about to say.I’ve been giving you all the cons and you may think there’s no way you can beat the Man O War. Here are the Pros, You’re ship moves faster, reloads faster, can be more agile(with your Maneuvering skills), statistically you have the better ship because you can do things the Man O War can’t. When you see Targeted areas in the water decrease your ships speed thus increasing your handling. Stay out of the way of it’s Broadside cannons when they’re firing. Attack with your broadside cannons while they’re reloading then hit them with your swivels. Don’t forget to use you fire barrels, Fire barrels can be used to divert your enemy in the direction you wish them to go(when enemies se fire barrels they will attempt to go around them). Don’t forget you Mortars. keep dishing out everything you have till the ship is available to board.

Once the ship is available to board you will notice the swivel cannon is not very effective against this towering Goliath. I suggest getting to the highest point on your ship and shooting enemies with berserker darts. Let them fight amongst themselves and target the scouts and flag while your crew takes care of their crew(try to do so as quickly as possible or you’ll lose a good amount of crew members). If you’re able to complete the required quests to take control of the ship you will have the option to Repair the Jackdaw, release the ship, or send to your fleet. Now seeing as you just went through hell t get that far, I’d personally take the ship for my fleet. Although Man O Wars are slow the have great cargo capacity great for making coin on Fleet missions!